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Congratulations! You have already made the first clicks towards achieving your health goals.

What you can expect from your first visit?

Together we will do a thorough review of your overall complaints. I will take your pulse and look at your tongue. With the help of ZYTO Biocommunication technology we will generate a report which evaluates organ and vertebral function. Through acupuncture, massage and Traditional Chinese Medical protocols I will influence your body to respond healthfully to your unique everyday stressors. Nutritional, lifestyle and supplemental recommendations will be made that you can employ between treatments to further maintain normal homeostasis and balance. While some issues can be relieved in one treatment, chronic problems generally take a few months. As we begin to see improvements, weekly treatments will taper to twice a month, then once a month, to a couple of times a year.

Here’s what BJ in Stockton said about his experience:

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    “I have no long horror stories about pain or injury. Instead I found myself suddenly on a slippery slope of pain and what felt like quite a risk of loosing my freedom of movement. I had debilitating pain in my sacroiliac joint. I had undertaken self help exercises to try and curb the accumulating problem. Even as the ultimate skeptic, I had tried a chiropractor.

Well one day I pushed it too far. My body seized up and I could no longer walk erect. I was desperate for relief and a path of recovery. Enter Rebecca, who made a house call to treat me. Rebecca didn't presume anything about the pain I was experiencing, rather she was inquisitive and perceptive. Once understanding the situation she knew right what to do, and I felt confident I was in good hands. Her confidence and caring hand made the stress of my situation melt away. I received a heating treatment and some basic acupuncture. This loosened me up and I attended another chiro appointment later that day. Rebecca also advised me on foods to eat to speed my recovery and gave me a customized tea of sorts. After making a healthy dinner for myself, I had some wine and got a good night’s sleep. After several months of growing pain and debilitation, the next day, I was fine. I was in total disbelief of being suddenly cured. I know now what the key ingredient was in my suddenly being fixed, but I do know that Rebecca made it possible.”

Rebecca R. Wendler L.Ac.




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